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Susie Abromeit, Liam McIntyre get decorations ready for Jo-Anne Brechin’s ‘Designing Christmas’

From left are Liam McIntyre, Susie Abromeit, Jo-Anne Brechin, and Steve Jaggi. (Image: Vince Valitutti)

It’s a case of Christmas in June for Queensland-based production company Jaggi Entertainment, as it shoots festive romance Designing Christmas across Brisbane. Directed by Jo-Anne Brechin, the film stars Susie Abromeit as Colbie Clark, an ambitious interior designer for Klein and Smith Design, with her eyes set on a spot on the corporate design team. An opportunity to achieve just that falls onto Colbie’s lap when her boss Mallory (Kimberley Joseph) informs her that she has been specifically requested by Eloise Chapman (Fiona Stewart) to decorate the historic Chapman House for its annual Christmas Ball. The catch is that she’ll have to work closely with Ben Thurston (Liam McIntyre), the estate’s handsome manager. Despite early disagreements, Colbie and Ben prove to be a good team and mutual respect begins to blossom, transforming into undeniable chemistry. The cast also includes Barbara Bingham and Vanessa Moltzen.

Ansley Gordon wrote the script, with Steve Jaggi and Kylie Pascoe producing, and Vanessa Shapiro executive producing. Jaggi Entertainment will manage distribution of the film in Australia, while US and international sales and distribution will be handled by Nicely Entertainment.

Jaggi said he was pleased to get the chance to work with Abromeit and McIntyre again, with the pair having previously appeared in Jaggi Entertainment titles Love in Bloom and This Little Love of Mine, respectively.

“We have worked with both Susie and Liam on previous Jaggi Entertainment productions, and we’re thrilled they are joining us again for Designing Christmas,” he said. “We are in the very safe hands of director Jo-Anne Brechin who creates such a wonderful atmosphere on set. I’m looking forward to seeing this festive tale come to life.” Brechin, who has also directed When Love Springs and One Perfect Match for the company, said a “snowy, visual feast in downtown Brisbane” would be created to accommodate the production.

Designing Christmas will be released later this year.

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