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ONE PERFECT MATCH opens BLUSSH Romance Film Festival

Renowned matchmaker, Lucy Marks, meets a handsome businessman and feels an immediate spark. She is disappointed to find out the next day that he is Finn Grayson, her newest client. With a strict “no dating clients” policy, she matches him with Molly. A serendipitous weekend trip to look at a vineyard as a potential wedding venue for her soon-to-be-wed sister, reveals Finn as the son of the owners. As Lucy and Finn spend more time together, their feelings grow. Ultimately, Lucy must decide between breaking her own rules and following her heart or losing the love of her life.

Join the lovers, the dreamers, the storytellers and romance enthusiasts, for the inaugural opening night gala event of BLUSSH. The pink carpet will be rolled out to welcome all of Brisbane and surrounds to celebrate books and films that embrace romance in its shades.

Opening night film A Perfect Match was filmed in Brisbane, including locations in South City Sq and produced by the kings and queens of romance, Jaggi Entertainment.

Join filmmakers, including director Jo-Anne Brechin and principal cast on the pink carpet and for a special Q&A.

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