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Merritt Patterson and Joshua Sasse form ‘One Perfect Match’

Canadian actor Merritt Patterson (The Royals) and Joshua Sasse are toplining director Jo-Anne Brechin’s feature One Perfect Match, now shooting in Brisbane.

Patterson will star as a Seattle matchmaker who meets a handsome businessman while waiting at a restaurant, and feels an immediate spark. That spark is squandered when, the next day, she learns he is none other than Finn Grayson (Sasse), her newest client. With a strict “no dating clients” policy, Lucy and Finn embark on the matchmaking process, with Lucy organising a series of dates with her amazing female clients. Lucy struggles with her feelings for Finn, and feels the sting when Finn and the woman she has chosen for him really hit it off.

The romantic comedy, written by Ansley Gordon, is the latest feature from Jaggi Entertainment, with Steve Jaggi producing and with Kylie Pascoe co-producing. While set in Seattle, locations across Brisbane, including Woolloongabba, Pullenvale and the CBD will be made to feel like the US city.

One Perfect Match marks Patterson’s first time working in Australia, while Sasse is now a Jaggi Entertainment regular, having just starred in Love is in the Air. Lynn Gilmartin, Meg Fraser and Mitchell Bourke make up the supporting cast.

The film also reunites Brechin with Jaggi Entertainment, having shot When Love Springs at the end of last year. “I was immediately taken with the charming character dynamic in this story,” she said. “One Perfect Match will be a concoction of high-stakes, mistakes and of course romance, and I’m excited to bring this film to life for audiences to enjoy.”

Jaggi Entertainment will handle domestic domestic distribution, and Nicely Entertainment will handle international sales distribution, with CEO Vanessa Shapiro executive producer. Jaggi Entertainment and Nicely Entertainment signed a slate deal last year to develop six TV projects and 2-3 films per year.

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