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Liberty Street stars Susie Youssef + Cat Van Davies

Time Out announces Liberty Street series starring Susie Youssef and Catherine Van Davies. Scroll down the watch the Liberty Street trailer, fresh off the press (literally).

Eight hilarious and heartfelt seven-minute episodes lean into these dislocated times, exploring intimacy and loss in strange days. Each ep features one actor going through the emotional rollercoaster. The impressive cast cherrypicks some of our finest stars of stage and screen. Comedian Susie Youssef (Rosehaven,Home, I’m Darling) is on board, as is Catherine Van Davies. Fresh from STC's hit run ofNo Pay? No Way!the latter’s about to light up our screens on SBS supernatural dramaHungry Ghosts. They’re joined by Harry Greenwood (Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,The Nightingale), Charles Wu (Australia Day,Torch the Place), Sara West (The Wild Duck,The Commons) and Steve Rodgers (Goldstone,King of Pigs). 

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