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Cinema Australia announces Paper Champions

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

Jo-Anne Brechin’s Paper Champions will have its world premiere at MIFF!

Melbourne International Film Festival has just announced the world premiere of Paper Champions at this year’s virtual festival. Directed by Jo-Anne Brechin (Zelos), Paper Champions is a NZ/AUS comedy co-pro. Paper Champions stemmed from a short film called Rey written by Luke Saliba. This feature version is written by Saliba and James Pratt.

In Polynesian cultures, mana refers to strength, confidence and an ability to influence situations for one’s gain. Unfortunately for Rey, a reserved, routine-loving photocopier salesman, he seems to have lost his – and just as he’s started falling for a nurse he’s met by chance. As his family, co-workers, Spanish dance teacher and an ex-wrestler all try to re-engineer his lost moxie, could a mojo makeover be enough to ignite a romance waiting in the wings?

Set and shot in Geelong, Paper Champions is a playful Australian rom-com filled with moments both uplifting and uproariously funny. Featuring a loveable cast that includes House Husbands’ Gary Sweet as the former fisticuffs expert, this film will remind you that, to win someone’s heart, you have to be your best self and jump into the ring.

Paper Champions stars Gary Sweet, John Tui, Don Bridges, Tessa de Josselin, Jessica Redmayne, Genevieve Morris and Kaarin Fairfax.

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