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FORTE: Paper Champions secures distribution deal

Geelong is home to a new romantic comedy feature film.

Paper champions is an uplifting Australian romantic comedy with a New Zealand twist.

Directed by Jo-Anne Brechin, the story follows Rey; a young man who wants to find love despite having lost his ‘Mana’. To have Mana implies influence, authority and efficacy – or the ability to perform in any situation- all things that Rey lacks.

Lucky for Rey, he is surrounded by supportive work colleagues, a Polynesian family a Spanish dance teacher and an ex-wrestler, all of whom help Rey get his Mana back to win the girl.

While the storyline is intriguing in itself, it’s the fact that Paper Champions is being backed by Geelong investors, and that it’s being filmed in many well known Geelong locations that has caught our attention.

Having secured a distribution deal with Umbrella Entertainment, this ensures that the film will be showing in cinemas across Australia and New Zealand.

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