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M I S S   I N K

MISS INK is a 6 x 20mins docuseries celebrating tattooed women from across the country as they participate in Miss Ink Australia; the only beauty pageant in the world where age, size, shape, sexuality, scars, culture, colour, creed and cellulite don’t matter. Body-positive, sex-positive, and brave in its approach to theme, Miss Ink not only entertains, but also informs and inspires audiences to challenge everything they thought they knew about beauty pageants, mental health, addiction, sex workers and more. Busting stereotypes and redefining beauty, Miss Ink will forever change the way we think about tattooed women.

Starring | Blayze Williams, Amber Luke, Chloe Coven

Director | Jo-Anne Brechin 

Production Company | Nudge Co Studio

Release | Online release coming early 2024

Supported By | Screen Australia

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